Sandra – Ystrad Mynach*


Hi Simon, for as long as I can remember I have suffered with emetophobia – not where I dread vomiting but an immense fear of seeing someone else vomit. I had tried some other therapies but nothing had helped in the long run.Out of desperation to do something to “cure” this phobia I read about someone who had been through a course of “pure hynoanalysis” and found a resolution to their phobia about vomiting.How could this therapy help I had been hypnotised in the past but that didn’t cure me?

I researched “pure hynoanalysis” on the web and came across your web site .I contacted you by e mail and told you all of my “symptoms”.As sufferers of this phobia will know it is not the sort of phobia you can chat about with your mates-I am scared of spiders,I am scared of heights,I cant sit in a public toilet in case someone is sick-and when you read this back to yourself when you’ve written it sounds ridiculous but I wrote it anyway.
You responded by email and I telephoned you to arrange and initial meeting .Filled with dread I arrived to meet you. Would you make me talk about vomiting, would you make me visualise anything to do with vomiting , what was I doing to put myself in this situation?
No need to panic, you put me completely at ease right from the “off”. Through “pure hypnoanalysis” you use free assossiation where you tell the therapist everything that comes into your mind and sorry for you that I did .You never judged or made me feel stupid when I laughed or cried or talked.You never led me in any way I did all the work but
you were there to “hold my hand” throughout,never making me uncomfortable with all my ramblings.
Obviously my therapy is personal to me – but I would not of been able to of gone through it and come out the other side as I have had it not been for you Simon.You need to be able to trust your therapist especially when you need to confide and tell everything,but you put me so at ease with everything ,this was never a problem with you.Even in the middle of my therapy when I came out with the doubts of “this is not working and why am I doing this?” you again explained about this as part of the ongoing process and I contniued to progress to the end of my therapy.

The end of my therapy —————–I am not able to do you justice in writing this to express how different I feel from the person who first walked through your door.I would urge anyone who is suffering not just from emetaphobia. any kind of phobia, to try this therapy with you. I have had a life changing moment after being through this with you Simon.I cannot express how I feel.I can only say a million times over thankyou.If I can do one thing for you it is to testify that you are without a doubt a kind and thoughtful therapist and I am so glad that I took the initial step tp contact you.Thankyou for gving me back my life.

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