Kim Holroyd – Cardiff*

Hi Simon, as promised here is my testimonial for you, I’m doing really well and feel so much better, I will keep you updated my start weight was 20st 11lbs and today I wighed 19st 5.5lbs.
I have always had a problem with my weight I actually told myself I was addicted to food, if it was there I would eat it I often over ate to the point where I felt sick, I came to see Simon at the end of January 2013 for my first session. Simon put me at ease and I opened up to him about my eating habits, I completed my course of treatment with Simon and to date {26/ 03/ 13} I have lost 1st 5.5lbs. I no longer feel the need to over indulge I am eating a lot less and would now say I’m well on my way to being a slimmer me,
I am so glad I made that step to contact Simon, I feel more confident in myself and have more energy.
Thank you so much

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