Kat Zlamalova-Brown – Cardiff*

Good morning Simon, first of all I would like to say a huge thank you for your help – there were certainly times when I didn’t like what has been said but that was mainly at the beginning where I was trying to get my head around things. I can now confidently say that you talking the book through with me was very helpful and inspirational.

I have been trying really hard to remind myself to think positively and not to let things get to me. It has been working so far (with little hiccups) and I feel in control of myself and my life.

Just a little update my new job is going really well – little chaotic at the moment as I am still finding my feet but I will get there in couple of months time. I had also competed in Welsh
Cup Powerlifting competition and won the Champion title in my weight category. I was able to deal with the crowd of strangers and surprisingly I have made few friends along the way which I wouldn’t dream of doing before. All in all things are good and I like the new me that oozes confidence and is able to face complete strangers without any worry.

Again big thank you for your help.


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