Helen – Caerphilly*

I had been through a difficult 18 months suffering with depression and symptoms of anxiety. The anxiety and obsessional thinking became so intense I felt it was controlling me and every aspect of my life . My neck, face, shoulders and head became so tense I had muscle spasms which affected my voice, I ended up not being able to talk clearly and could hardly communicate.

After a struggle for nearly a year I had to go sick from work and I tried a number of other therapies and councelling.
I began to feel a bit better and more positive however , the physical symptoms were still affecting me and I had no confidence feeling paranoid in social situations and even tense and nervous with my son age 2 years and my family . For a long time I just could not relax my mind or body.
I began to research for something else to help as I knew I could not return to work until I was better.

I came across Simons web site and initially I wanted to have hypnotherapy . After my initial consultation , Simon recommend the thrive programme . Simon made me feel at ease and I trusted his professional opinion.
After each week of completing study through the thrive workbook I felt massive improvements in my confidence and self esteem.

I can not believe the results after finishing this programme , I feel in control of who I am and what I can achieve , I can now speak my mind and not worry about what other people are thinking all the time . I have practically no physical symptoms and my neck has not been this relaxed in over 18 months !
I now understand about myself and how the mind works . I have learnt invaluable new skills which I use on a daily basis if I feel anxious at all this soon disappears, after I recognise how my thinking style is affecting me- and I quickly change this, I feel this is still improving every day.
After 6 months I returned to work last week , I was confident and felt I fitted straight back into my role .
I would thoroughly recommend the thrive programme , it has helped me with , Anxiety, social anxiety , low self esteem , OCD , issues from my past and I now feel I am the most relaxed and confident I have ever been in my entire life!
Thank you Simon for your support understanding and sense of humour, I laughed so much and learnt how not to take things so seriously and be kind to myself.

Look forward to the follow up session

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