Dawn E Hanna – Newport*

Hi Simon, I went on the Hypno Band therapy course Feb, 2012. I needed to lose weight, to improve my diet and health. I had tried various diets and they hadnʼt worked. I was pessimistic and skeptical of this approach working, none of the others had. I was however supported and I was optimistic.

Firstly this isnʼt a diet; I learnt that on the first session, Hypno Band is about putting you in control of all aspects of your eating habits in a relaxed manner.

Two months later, I have lost 35lb and my weight is continuing to go down. I now pass food to others or leave it. People are noticing a difference; I walk taller and feel better. For the first time in my life I am in control.

It didnʼt cost me £10,000, I didnʼt have to fly to Poland, or have invasive surgery. I only had to go to Cardiff to meet Simon, importantly; when I need support I know he is only a short distance away. Best thing I ever did.

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