Beth – Cardiff*

After suffering the debilitating effects of anxiety for years, I really was desperate for help…and along came Simon! I was doubtful after years of failed attempts through counselling, hypnotherapy and reading endless books, that anybody could ʻreallyʼ rid me of the anxiety that I had come to feel was an integral part of me.

After just two sessions I saw a real difference in the way I thought about things. I began to deal with and do things that would have been impossible to do a few weeks earlier. The techniques that Simon has taught me have now become an integral part of me instead…and positive thoughts finally win the day!! I cannot emphasise enough what a positive impact going to see Simon has made on my life and that of my loved ones. I feel confident, relaxed and I actually look forward to things instead of the usual dread of the ʻwhat ifʼ thoughts and the constant catastrophising. Simon showed me that I had the power to change my thought processes and that I had the control. Iʼd never even had a glimpse of such change after weekly counselling sessions for over three years. Simon explained to me why I thought the way I did – and he gave me the all important techniques that showed me I have the power to control my own thoughts and my own life. Seeing Simon is one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I really was at the end of my tether and now, I can finally face things positively and have genuine confidence in my abilities…and thatʼs a sentence I never thought Iʼd say!

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