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Unsolicited comments from clients about their experience of therapy at Hypnotherapy Cardiff with Simon where all testimonials have been reproduced with their kind permission. *

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Gareth – Gloucester*

Thrive Programme

I was pretty apprehensive about coming to see you, Simon, but you were instantly relaxing and easy to speak to. The sessions felt more like talking to an old friend and the techniques you showed me were easy to use and immediately helped!

Holly – Cardiff*

Thrive programme

I first discovered the Thrive programme about four months ago when I was at my lowest point. For the last few years I’d steadily grown to hate the way I looked and held a very low opinion of myself. 

Just wanted to say a big thank you Simon for all your help this year. I would urge anyone who is suffering from tinnitus to try this therapy with you. I felt completely at ease right from the start and the techniques are easy to use, you learn so much about yourself and you feel a million times better afterwards.

Jason – Cardiff*

Social Anxiety

Hi simon how are things? Jason here mate, everything’s continuing to go really really well. Simon helped me completely change my outlook and finally beat my social anxiety after 18 years.

I went to see Simon English in Cardiff after searching for hypnotherapy courses to cure my fear of flying. I started the changing limiting beliefs course; Thrive with some scepticism but decided to put my all into it in a hope to help myself get over the fear.

Good morning Simon, first of all I would like to say a huge thank you for your help – there were certainly times when I didn’t like what has been said but that was mainly at the beginning where I was trying to get my head around things.

After suffering the debilitating effects of anxiety for years, I really was desperate for help…and along came Simon! I was doubtful after years of failed attempts through counselling, hypnotherapy and reading endless books, that anybody could ʻreallyʼ rid me of the anxiety that I had come to feel was an integral part of me.

Dear Simon, I want to say how important it was for me to have you tell me that I was wrong to think as I did and to waste my life worrying over things that were not my responsibility. When you have spent most of your life doing this you loose sight of reality and I needed someone I trusted to make me realize this.

Simon helped me to identify the root cause of the issues I was facing and changed my life by giving me back my inner strength. I would suggest not to waste time and money on counselling. RB

Dan – Cardiff*

Social Anxiety

Hi Simon, as well as an excellent professional, Simon is also a very trustworthy person. Easy to get along with, you feel relaxed in his company, which makes the whole hypnotherapy process all the more easier to get on with.

Hi Simon, for as long as I can remember I have suffered with emetophobia – not where I dread vomiting but an immense fear of seeing someone else vomit . I had tried some other therapies but nothing had helped in the long run.

Helen – Caerphilly*

Anxiety and Depression

I had been through a difficult 18 months suffering with depression and symptoms of anxiety. The anxiety and obsessional thinking became so intense I felt it was controlling me and every aspect of my life . My neck, face, shoulders and head became so tense I had muscle spasms which affected my voice, I ended up not being able to talk clearly and could hardly communicate.

Rosie – Cardiff*

Stop Smoking

Hi Simon its been over a month now I feel fine & fit as a fiddle, I’m training for a 5km run I’ve lost 5lbs and I have saved enough to get my teeth whitened so pretty soon I’ll look like the non-smoker that I am. Don’t know what you did to my head but it worked. Thank-you very much.

Hi Simon, just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to say thanks a million….. day six as a non-smoker and I feel great! Its early days but I really can’t imagine ever going back…thanks again, Claire.

Kate – Cardiff*

Stop Smoking

Turning 40…time to STOP smoking and you made me achieve this wish with huge success!! That session was the best money I have ever spent! It worked so well for me, I have already recommended 5 people to have a session with you, Simon. I am a VERY happy non-smoker!

Hi Simon, almost 9 months to the day and with your help I’ve been a non smoker and feel fantastic. I did not believe this was possible until I met you. Thank you so much for changing my life.

Hi Simon, today is the first anniversary of my quit smoking session with you, and I know that you’ll be interested to know how I’ve got on as a dedicated smoker for 55 years, and having tried to quit many times.

For me, as someone who was very committed to losing weight, in conjunction with this, the Hypnoband system has been a very positive experience, with 1 stone lost during the treatment process (and that is over the Christmas period).

Hello Simon ,just a quick hello, Iʼm still only eating small portions Iʼm 26lb lighter now coming off slowly but surely. Iʼm going to join a Line dancing class which I would not have done before so cheers Simon enjoy your Easter camping trip

Hi Simon, I went on the Hypno Band therapy course Feb, 2012. I needed to lose weight, to improve my diet and health. I had tried various diets and they hadnʼt worked. I was pessimistic and skeptical of this approach working, none of the others had. I was however supported and I was optimistic.

Hi Simon, as promised here is my testimonial for you, I’m doing really well and feel so much better, I will keep you updated my start weight was 20st 11lbs and today I wighed 19st 5.5lbs.

Hi Simon, still feeling fantastic! the weight loss continues, I find it easy to keep to smaller portions without thinking about it and I’m able to leave food on my plate, the evening raids on the fridge are a thing of the past!

I owe Simon a massive thank you, I had just about given up on myself and my ability to lose weight. I am now 1st 5lb lighter, much more confident and my weight is still going down. I would recommend this to all that need a long lasting solution to being overweight! Many thanks Simon!

Jo – Cardiff*


Hi Simon, it’s been 2 months since I had the Hypno-Band and I can’t believe the change in my eating habits. I used to eat when I was happy, sad, bored or to reward myself. My relationship with food is now a normal one! In the 2 months since the “operation” I have lost 2.5 stone without dieting.

I have been on every diet imaginable over the past 20 years and spent thousands of pounds on various dietary products but although if focused I would manage to loose the weight as soon as I reached my target I’d go back to my old eating habits and eventually put all the weight back on and more.

I thought I would just let you know that I am feeling absolutely fantastic and feel nothing like I did a couple of weeks ago, amazing!!

I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (also known as ME or Yuppie flu) two years ago. This condition changed my life radically. The medical world has mixed opinions about the cause; I had a virus although this may have been a coincidence.

Just a quick note to say thanks for all the help this year. I’m doing really well now, internally and externally. When I look back I can see how far I’ve come. Thanks so much!

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