Kat Zlamalova-Brown – Cardiff*

Good morning Simon, first of all I would like to say a huge thank you for your help – there were certainly times when I didn’t like what has been said but that was mainly at the beginning where I was trying to get my head around things.

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Beth – Cardiff*

After suffering the debilitating effects of anxiety for years, I really was desperate for help…and along came Simon! I was doubtful after years of failed attempts through counselling, hypnotherapy and reading endless books, that anybody could ʻreallyʼ rid me of the anxiety that I had come to feel was an integral part of me.

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Ruth – Fishguard*

Dear Simon, I want to say how important it was for me to have you tell me that I was wrong to think as I did and to waste my life worrying over things that were not my responsibility. When you have spent most of your life doing this you loose sight of reality and I needed someone I trusted to make me realize this.

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RB – Cardiff*

Simon helped me to identify the root cause of the issues I was facing and changed my life by giving me back my inner strength. I would suggest not to waste

Ruth – Swansea*

I thought I would just let you know that I am feeling absolutely fantastic and feel nothing like I did a couple of weeks ago, amazing!!

Sean – Bridgend*

Just a quick note to say thanks for all the help this year. I’m doing really well now, internally and externally. When I look back I can see how far

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