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My name is Simon English – Advanced D.Hyp.MIAEBP and I am a full-time Advanced Professional Hypnotherapist, Fully Certified Advanced Level 2 BWRT® Practitioner and one of the original Hypno-Band weight loss specialists.

HELLO AND WELCOME and thank you for taking the time to visit my website. If you are looking to overcome a problem that is currently affecting you or would like to change something about yourself then you have certainly come to the right place! Using  proven, powerful, liberating and effective treatments specifically tailored to the individual to achieve positive, life changing results, FAST.

YOU have already made that important first step to overcome your problems and change your life for the better and the next step couldn’t be easier, just give me a CALL or TEXT on 07833 665978 to have a chat or to arrange a very informal and relaxed FREE consultation at my practice in Cardiff where we can find the most suitable solution and best way forward for you. Or you can email me at: hypnotherapycardiff@yahoo.co.uk or just fill out the short contact form towards the bottom of this page.

PLEASE feel free to browse through my site or click HERE to go straight to my main Contact page, click HERE FOR LATEST OFFER for ‘HELP TO QUIT SMOKING’ ,click HERE FOR LATEST OFFER for ‘HYPNO-BAND weight loss system’  click HERE FOR ANXIETY related issues or click on the PLAY BUTTON on the Video Testimonial to see a brief clip of Sam, who is one of Hypnotherapy Cardiff’s clients who kindly agreed to share his experiences.*

Problems Helped

As a professional supervised and advanced hypnotherapist and BWRT Practitioner, Simon can help you to overcome many of the problems and symptoms that might be holding you back, or stopping you from leading a happy and fulfilled life. It might be that you simply want help to stop smoking,  or that you need help with a stress or anxiety related problem, have a certain fear or phobia that you need help overcoming, need help with a weight related issue or maybe just some help with self esteem or social anxiety,whatever the reason, your problem will be helped in a professional, caring and non-judgmental way – with a view to helping you to resolve your symptom(s) as quickly as possible.

View a full list of symptoms and problems that can be helped with the types of therapy that I practice.

If you would like to discuss anything or arrange to come in for a FREE chat, you can call us on 07833 665978, send an email to: hypnotherapycardiff@yahoo.co.uk or just fill in the short Contact Form situated towards the bottom of this page.

Some of the approaches to help you to resolve your issues as quickly and effectively as possible.

Suggestion therapy (Clinical Hypnotherapy)which only takes one or two sessions, and is ideal for: stopping smoking, exam nerves, getting on a flight, driving tests etc Click HERE for more about Suggestion Therapy

Or BWRT® (BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®) which is a completely new and different therapy based on the latest discoveries about how the brain works and how it affects our moods, behaviour and emotions and as a fully Certified Advanced Level 2 BWRT® Practitioner I can help work effectively with a great number of problems and difficulties. Click HERE for more about BWRT®

Or Cognitive Processing and Integration Therapy where we can help you to explore and re-process any past unresolved or ongoing issues that may play a part in your presenting symptom in a safe, totally non judgemental way. Click HERE for more about Cognitive Processing and Integration Therapy

Our Latest Testimonials

Read what people have to say about Hypnotherapy Cardiff *

Gareth – Gloucester*

Thrive Programme

I was pretty apprehensive about coming to see you, Simon, but you were instantly relaxing and easy to speak to. The sessions felt more like talking to an old friend and the techniques you showed me were easy to use and immediately helped!

Holly – Cardiff*

Thrive programme

I first discovered the Thrive programme about four months ago when I was at my lowest point. For the last few years I’d steadily grown to hate the way I looked and held a very low opinion of myself. 

Jason – Cardiff*

Social Anxiety

Hi simon how are things? Jason here mate, everything’s continuing to go really really well. Simon helped me completely change my outlook and finally beat my social anxiety after 18 years.

Dan – Cardiff*

Social Anxiety

Hi Simon, as well as an excellent professional, Simon is also a very trustworthy person. Easy to get along with, you feel relaxed in his company, which makes the whole hypnotherapy process all the more easier to get on with.

Lynette – Cardiff*

Stop Smoking

Hi Simon, today is the first anniversary of my quit smoking session with you, and I know that you’ll be interested to know how I’ve got on as a dedicated smoker for 55 years, and having tried to quit many times.

Ruth – Cardiff*


Hi Simon, still feeling fantastic! the weight loss continues, I find it easy to keep to smaller portions without thinking about it and I’m able to leave food on my plate, the evening raids on the fridge are a thing of the past!

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