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from worries, stress and destructive habits with Hypnotherapy Cardiff

Dealing with Anxiety

Looking for a rational solution to an irrational problem…I can help.

Lose Weight

Help to get control, in a fast, effective and liberating way for a permanent resolution.

Stop Smoking

If you want to start enjoying life as a non-smoker, contact me TODAY!

Is there something holding you back or taking control of your life?

Do you need to take control but feel like you’re going round in circles, or maybe you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work for you?

What problems are you facing?

Stress and anxiety?

Are you struggling with a busy and demanding lifestyle and overactive mind?

A little devil on your shoulder?

Do you find it hard to start or stick to a task, plan or goal.

Busy spinning plates?

Are you too busy to give yourself the time you need?

Take back control of your situation and your life

Using proven, powerful and liberating treatments specifically tailored to you as an individual, achieving positive, life changing results, fast.

Remove Stress or Anxiety

Help to resolve Stress, Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Lose Weight, Gain Confidence

Powerful and proven Hypnotherapy and Psychological Techniques

Stop Smoking Without Suffering

Make quitting smoking as easy as possible and free yourself!

Work with Simon at Hypnotherapy Cardiff to help you take back control.

Life can be challenging at times, we can feel a little bit out of control sometimes and certain barriers can get in our way and if this is the case, you’re definately not alone.

If you would like some expert help to overcome any obstacles that have been stopping you from enjoying life then speak to Simon English – Advanced D.Hyp.MIAEBP. Simon has been in full time practice for over 15 years and has helped thousand’s of people to successfully break free of limitations and fully resolve their issues.

Play the video to see how Simon at Hypnotherapy Cardiff helped Sam to turn his depression around and gain control and confidence in himself.

Helping Beth to overcome her anxiety

“After suffering the debilitating effects of anxiety for years, I really was desperate for help…and along came Simon! I was doubtful after years of failed attempts through counselling, hypnotherapy and reading endless books, that anybody could ʻreallyʼ rid me of the anxiety that I had come to feel was an integral part of me.”



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You can start taking control of your life over the next few days in three simple steps…


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Work to a Plan

I will help you by working to a bespoke, individually tailored treatment plan.


Embrace Change

Enjoy your treatments as they help you to take control and live with freedom.