Emetophobia (fear of being sick)

Emetophobia (fear of being sick)

Help to Resolve your Emetophobia – with the Thrive Programme….

Understanding Emetophobia or Fear of Being Sick

Emetophobia is known by many names (emetephobia, phagophobia, vomitophobia, vomit phobia, sickness phobia, fear of vomiting, fear of gagging, fear of swallowing, fear of choking, globus hystericus), but whatever you call it this condition can affect sufferers deeply. There are also a number of other fears that can be associated with a fear of being sick:

Seeing others being sick
Choking on food
Pregnancy (due to the possibility of morning sickness)
Social phobia (for more info on social phobia, click here)

Watch Vidya’s Testimonial on Emetophobia, one of Hypnotherapy Cardiff’s clients who kindly agreed to share her experiences*


This is a condition that appears to affect more women than men and if you are someone who suffers with Emetophobia, you will know only too well that the symptoms can seriously affect and limit your ability to enjoy life to the full as this condition can have a very disabling effect on the sufferer.

Many sufferers will avoid all places where there is a possibility of themselves, or others, being sick: for example pubs, restaurants, clubbing, eating in front of others. Due to the link between eating and potentially being sick, many sufferers are a little obsessive about what, where and with who they will eat. Many view being sick as ‘horrible’, ‘dirty’, ‘yucky’ etc, and so it is quite common for emetophobics to also have fears of other situations where they might feel the same way: going to the toilet, urinating in front of others (e.g. at a public urinal – shy bladder), or even just being a little bit sweaty.

The Thrive Programme – an unrivalled treatment for Emetophobia

wp2a3cd2a0_1aThrough helping to change the way you think and behave in relation to being sick or seeing someone be sick and really understanding the thinking that can maintain the symptoms, you will learn how to create and maintain strong psychological and emotional foundations which can lead to a more confident and resilient you and be better able to THRIVE in life.

An added bonus of going through The Thrive Programme is that it can also help to provide you with a greater sense of self, it can help boost self-confidence and self-esteem, and help you build on your self-belief and you can find yourself being calm, self-assured and confident in situations where previously you may have experienced your most severe symptoms.

We realise that when you speak to us it may be the first time you have discussed your fear of being sick. We will help you to feel at ease so that you feel comfortable and free to talk about your symptoms in a safe and friendly environment. We understand how difficult it can be to talk about Emetophobia and to seek help, but if you would like help to take control of your Emetophobia and help to resolve any related emotional issues, we are confident that we can help you.



Great new research helping to prove just how effective this method can be..

In our recent research survey into the efficacy of this programme,  62 participants responded. 55 participants stated their symptoms reduced from ‘severe’ to having ‘little or no impact’ upon their lives, and the other 5 from ‘severe’ down to ‘modest’. Every single participant took control of their lives and felt significantly better.

Click here to download .pdf of survey

‘Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive’ is based upon scientific research and clinical insights, which have been brought together for the first time in this ground-breaking new approach, helping sufferers to take control of their problem and go on to lead healthy and fulfilling lives, free of this debilitating condition.


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Our Latest Testimonials

Read what people have to say about Hypnotherapy Cardiff *

Gareth – Gloucester*

Thrive Programme

I was pretty apprehensive about coming to see you, Simon, but you were instantly relaxing and easy to speak to. The sessions felt more like talking to an old friend and the techniques you showed me were easy to use and immediately helped!

Holly – Cardiff*

Thrive programme

I first discovered the Thrive programme about four months ago when I was at my lowest point. For the last few years I’d steadily grown to hate the way I looked and held a very low opinion of myself. 

Jason – Cardiff*

Social Anxiety

Hi simon how are things? Jason here mate, everything’s continuing to go really really well. Simon helped me completely change my outlook and finally beat my social anxiety after 18 years.

Dan – Cardiff*

Social Anxiety

Hi Simon, as well as an excellent professional, Simon is also a very trustworthy person. Easy to get along with, you feel relaxed in his company, which makes the whole hypnotherapy process all the more easier to get on with.

Lynette – Cardiff*

Stop Smoking

Hi Simon, today is the first anniversary of my quit smoking session with you, and I know that you’ll be interested to know how I’ve got on as a dedicated smoker for 55 years, and having tried to quit many times.

Ruth – Cardiff*


Hi Simon, still feeling fantastic! the weight loss continues, I find it easy to keep to smaller portions without thinking about it and I’m able to leave food on my plate, the evening raids on the fridge are a thing of the past!

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